Marriage Story (2019) – Dir: Noah Baumbach

Marriage Story (2019)
Dir: Noah Baumbach

Marriage Story explores the struggle of a married couple who are going through a divorce, reminding us about Kramer vs. Kramer (1979). Noah Baumbach is a director famous for making films and characters that are close to life.

Instead of showing the struggle of divorce as an aggressive rivalry or war, Baumbach tries to portray it in a humanistic and realistic way. He shows where love and hate collide. He does not make us take sides, he just takes us through their mindset, thoughts, and feelings. Marriage Story is not a film, it’s an experience.

The reason that it feels so much would be because it’s a personal film. This film is shot over 47 days and it’s partly based on the director’s own experience when he was divorced in 2013.

Apart from Baumbach’s crafting, the performances surely will hit you. Adam Driver gives the performance of his lifetime and Scarlett Johansson, that hottie? She gives a wonderful performance too. They will keep you glued to the screen, they were not acting they were living the characters. And Laura Dern won the Oscar award for the best actress in a supporting role. The film was nominated for 6 Oscar awards.

Overall, Marriage Story is an emotional but powerful journey. Go along with it and have this experience!

IMDb Rating – 8.0/10
Letterboxd – 4.1/5

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