The updated release date of the Wonder Woman 1984, the plot, the cast and a brief breakdown of the trailer.

Wonder Women 2020 WW84

Wonder Woman 1984 is produced as the sequel to Wonder Woman (2017), and it will be released as the 9th installment of DC extended universe (DCEU). After playing with the Covid-19 pandemic and changing the release date seven times, at the moment it’s set to release on 25th of December 2020.

Development of this sequel and discussion started after releasing the first Wonder Woman movie, which received both successes at the box office and positive response from the majority of critics. Now, this sequel is to be directed by the same filmmaker, Patty Jenkins, and Gal Gadot is starring as the Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman. Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Robin Wright, Pedro Pascal, and Connie Nielson contribute as the supporting cast.

The movie is set in 1984 as the director Patty Jenkins thought that the ’80s was “the height of Western civilization and society, and so it offers the opportunity to explore how Wonder Woman would deal with the types of villains that come from that era.” The plot goes as Diana conflicts with her friend-turned- enemy Barbara Ann Minerva aka Cheetah, and a businessman named Maxwell Lord while reuniting with Steve Trevor, who was presumed to be dead in the first film.

A fantastic trailer for WW84 has been released, setting an incredibly stylish atmosphere filled with neon light and jazz music, the song ‘Blue Monday’ by New Order kicking in. The Action sequences seem to have drawn inspiration from some other woman fronted action flicks such as Atomic Blonde and Mad Max Fury Road.

One of the best treats in the trailer is the Golden armor of Wonder Woman, and with that, the trailer introduces us to many of her new abilities, including the lightning strike. Overall, we’re to expect an action-filled, stylish superheroine film with a heart.